When we travelled to a remote village in Noida and asked one of the kids, what do you wish to become when you grow up? He replied “I will grow up to become a rickshaw puller”. That’s when it hit us! Why does this have to be a child’s dream?

And we established Icreon For Good in 2014 with a belief that: ‘No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone’. Because of which we started off with our immediate surroundings, with an overriding focus on making education available to the youth that currently fall outside the radar of most government initiatives.

At present we are working with bridge schools that provide free or almost free education to children who have never been part of a formal education system. As, most of these children are first generation learners and do not realize the importance of education, these schools encourage kids to pursue their education each year.

Also, we believe that the youth of our country can benefit tremendously from computer literacy. The fact that computers have become an inevitable part of our life, better computer literacy will lead to development of specialized skills and better employment.

We started off this endeavor by roping in volunteers and stakeholders from both within and outside of Icreon. Over the past 6 months IFG has successfully adopted two schools with a beneficiary number of 800 kids. 

Our Key Initiatives

Project EDU 

Working with school systems to support students and families with limited financial means. 

Project LAB

Supporting the development of new computer labs and computer skills for children and adults.

Project Green

Advocating responsible and conscientious recycling of computers to avoid harmful e-waste practices.

Team IFG

Icreon For Good is headed by Icreon’s CEO, Mr. Himanshu Sareen. The CSR Core Team consists of Icreon’s Board of Directors.

IFG Head

Himanshu Sareen, CEO - Icreon

CSR Core Team

Board of Directors, Icreon

IFG's Core Volunteering Team

IFG’s core volunteering teams are in charge of different projects and provide us not just their inputs for planning, but also take up the responsibility of evaluating and monitoring the projects. 


We believe that one person does not have all the expertise, resources, and skills to handle everything. This is where partnerships play a very important role; we like to partner with like-minded organizations and individuals, who want to work towards uplifting the society and together we can work towards achieving common goals.

Our primary partners are the non-profit organizations that we support:

  • S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School, Village Khoda
  • Rasta Girls' Schools, Village Khoda and Ghaziabad
  • Sanskaar Kendra Schools - Noida Lok Manch ,Village Garhi and Sirafabad
  • Thalassemics India , New Delhi

Please write us at IFG@icreon.com if you would like to partner with IFG.        

Interested in Volunteering for IFG?