Sports Meet with S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School

Sports can engrave integral qualities of discipline, competitiveness, time-management, determination and teamwork, in children. However, children from the underprivileged community rarely get a chance to enjoy and indulge in sports.

We realize that sports can make a huge difference in the lives of children; so, this year with the help of S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School staff we conducted a sports meet for children of the school. Children from classes 1st to 7th participated in sack race, lemon race, three legged race etc.              8 volunteers spent 2 hours conducting 14 different races amongst 199 children of the school; our volunteers also awarded 45 winners with medals.

Learning Through Fun and Games

The very first volunteering event conducted by IFG was held at S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School on 22nd Nov, 2014. Twenty volunteers participated in this event and interacted with 390 students. The IFG volunteers conducted games, quizzes and interacted with children to judge their skills in English, Hindi & Mathematics. 

Students from primary classes played memory games, word building games, spelling games and our volunteers taught them a few lessons in English and Mathematics. Senior students of the school participated in reading competition and IFG volunteers also taught them about the basics of phonetics. 

The students who performed well in the reading competition were awarded with Amar Chitra Katha books. 

IFG volunteers also spoke about the importance of attending school on a regular basis and the impact it will create on their future.  During the course of this event we realized that all the students from the school are very bright and extremely well mannered.  Overall, the event turned out to be a success, thanks to the students and staff members of S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School and our very passionate volunteers. 


IFG celebrates Diwali with S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School

At Icreon we tend to go all out when it comes to festivities and Diwali calls for a major celebration. We usually gather in our NSEZ office and celebrate with games and delicious food. However, this year Diwali was extremely special as the students from S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School came over to our office to join in on the celebrations. 

Sixteen students from class 7th performed traditional Gujarati folk dance Dandiya for us, interacted with the employees, played games and made this event a spectacular one.  

Here is a little glimpse of the festivities!