About The School

Sanatan Dharam (S. D.) Bal Vidya Mandir School was established in 1998-99 with 6 street children in Sector-55 Mandir. Today, S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School has approximately 380 students. 

Where it is located


Sanatan Dharam Sabha (Reg.) 

Sector 55-56

Noida - 201301, UP


The Principal

Mr. O P Aneja, (M.A.), is a  retired National Officer of United Nations-World Food Program (WFP) with 40 years international experience in shipping, logistics, procurement, programming, emergency operations, and crisis management. He retired from the UN in October 2007.  Even before his retirement, he had been taking active interest in running S. D. Bal Vidya Mandir School for underprivileged children.


Key Facts & Figures 

The school has a total of 387 students - 193 boys and 194 girls. They are educated by 15 teachers, of which 6 have a B.Ed degree and 3 are graduates. 

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Key School Needs

How IFG Supports the School?

IFG signed an MoU with S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School in September 2014. Since then, we have provided the following support to the school:

1. Power Backup - Rural Noida has major issues with electricity, because of which children in the school end up studying without lights and fans. To avoid this problem, IFG provided the school with Inverter (Power backup), which is now being utilized to power up the classrooms and the computer center, within the school. 

2. Computer Center - Computer based training would be incomplete without proper functioning computers; because of which IFG decided to donate computers for the computer center at the school. Also, with the help of our IFG volunteers, we were able to fix some of the computers that were lying unutilized in the school. We also realize the importance of trained computer teachers at the school, because of which IFG has decided to pay the monthly salary of the computer teacher. 

3. Recreational Activities – Most of these children are first generation learners, because of which the school has to make an extra effort to keep them motivated. IFG volunteers organized an interactive session at the school and spoke to children about the importance of education and how they can make learning fun.

4.  Material Support - IFG has also donated basic teaching & learning material, fans, uniforms, woolens, along with stationary to the school.