Why Donate For IFG?

Even a small donation of as little as INR 100 per month goes a long way in creating a better future for children who struggle for the most basic necessities that we take for granted. 

Instead of going to school underprivileged children are often forced to work for low paying jobs, to meet the basic requirements of food & shelter; because of which they never really understand the true meaning of the word ‘childhood’. As most of these children cannot travel to attend school, they end up dropping out from school completely.

Your donations keep the schools well-funded; as these donations are used to pay the recurring cost of: electricity, rent, mid-day-meals, and staff salaries among other expenses.

IFG caters to non-profit schools and institutions that charge no fee or a very meager fee from their students/beneficiaries. Hence, they find it difficult to function on a daily basis without donations; as they incur infrastructural needs and recurring costs like any other school/institution. Monetary and material support is vital for the sustainability of these schools in the long run. 

Every rupee that you donate directly benefits the kids; all administrative/operational costs are picked up by IFG. You can choose exactly how your funds are utilized and are welcome to interact with the children that you are helping. IFG provides you complete transparency on how are the funds being utilized. 

How can you help?

At IFG, we allow you to donate both money and material towards any of our initiatives.  Below is a list of suggested contributions that you could make in order to support IFG:

-    To fund recurring costs of: electricity, rent, mid-day-meals, staff salaries etc.
-    Sponsorship of individual students.
-    Towards purchase of basic inventories for computer labs.
-    Furniture for Computer labs.
-    Text/Note Books and stationary for students.
-    Uniforms, Woolens and shoes for students.
-    Fans, tube lights and other basic appliances required by the schools.
-    Benches and carpets for students.
-    Black/white boards and teaching materials.

Please Note: 80G is issued by the respective NGOs for all monetary donations made towards any of the projects.

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