At IFG, our objective is to make education more accessible to the underprivileged. We also believe that, education alone cannot suffice and having skill based knowledge will generate better job opportunities for the youth of this country, and computer literacy will do just that. Possessing computer based knowledge increases the chances of employability and creates an environment of self-reliance among-st the youth.

The Background

It has been more than a decade since the IT revolution in India and we boast of the highest number of IT engineering colleges in the world. On the flip side, there are still thousands of Indians who remain deprived of even the very basic IT education. This can be attributed to poor infrastructure and lack of support in educational institutions catering to this socioeconomic category of the population. In this day and age when all of our jobs are IT-based, mere schooling or graduation degree is not enough.

Project Lab emphasizes on providing necessary infrastructural and monetary support, along with expert guidance to strengthen IT education in various educational institutions catering to the underprivileged students.

The Approach

1. Target Locations - We kicked off Project Lab by establishing/strengthening computer labs in the schools that are within our reach, i.e. schools adopted by IFG; and we have successfully institutionalized computer labs in S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School & Rasta Girls School. 

Since, our idea is to make computer education accessible to children who have never been formally introduced to the usage of computers; we wish to set-up computer learning centers for them.

2. Provide Infrastructure - IFG supports the adopted schools by sourcing of computers and to ensure that the children receive uninterrupted classes, we also provide them with power backup, furniture, teacher’s honorarium and take care of recurring costs of computer maintenance.


Sourcing of computers has been one of the major challenges for us at IFG. Because of which we have established Project Green; which acts as a bridge between MNC’s that are looking for ways to dispose of their computers and schools/centers that are trying to acquire computers.