National Save the Girl Child Day Celebrated with Rasta School!

National Save the Girl Child day is celebrated on 24th Jan, in India. Since, Rasta is closely associated with the wellbeing of underprivileged girl child; this day served as a medium to bring about awareness related to depleting female to male ratio, female feticide, domestic violence and malnutrition in girls. 

At IFG, we can completely associate with this struggle, because of which we decided to actively contribute to this event; 13 IFG volunteers participated in rallies that were conducted in 4 different places, including: Sector 1- Golchakkar Noida, Entrance of Film City, Sector 16, Noida, NH- 24 Crossing, Sector 62 and Patparhganj Industrial Area.

After the rallies, IFG volunteers also conducted a poster making competition, which allowed girls from Rasta School to portray their thoughts about the Girl Child in India; students drew posters on importance of educating girls, female feticide and diminishing female to male ratio. 

Rasta School Girls also used the medium of dance to shed light on the discrimination between girls and boys in our country. Furthermore, IFG volunteers awarded prizes for slogan writing, essay writing & poetry competition, which were held in the school prior to this event. The fact that this event saw participation of more male volunteers than female volunteers, made this event extremely special.