About The School

The Sanskar Kendra Schools also known as Noida Lok Manch schools, were established in 1998 with the help of local communities and villagers. These schools primarily focus on providing education to girls and their aim is: ‘Education for all and livelihood oriented skill training to empower the youth and women’.

At present, there are three Sanskar Kendra schools in Noida, that focus on inculcation of Sanskars – human values, love and dedication to the country, its people, its communities and society at large, which helps build character in the formative years. Heritage, cultural backgrounds, traditional wisdom and knowledge form the backbone of the education system at Sanskar Kendra.

The SK schools, run under the aegis of Noida Lok Manch (a registered NGO), are located in villages of:

a)      Sarfabad, Sector 73, Noida

b)      Garhi Chaukhandi, Sector 68, Noida

c)       Sorkha, Sector 115, Noida

All Sanskar Kendra schools are recognized by National Institute of Open Schooling Govt. India (NIOS).

About The Founder

Ms. Leeka Saxena (MA, BEd), is the Founder and Principal of Sanskar Kendra Schools. She has been in the area of education for almost 20 years.

Sanskar Kendra School started as a small initiative to educate the children of construction labour, Rickshaw pullers, who had dropped out from schools due to economic constraints.  What started off as a basic education center for around 35 slum kids in 1995, took the shape of a formal school in 1998.

Her affection and love for children has made her the guardian of around 1000 children and three schools. The only dream she has is “education for all and a school in every village that provides quality education”.

Where it is located? 













Key Facts & Figures

The school has a total of 272 students; 139 boys and 133 girls. There are 9 full-time teachers and 1 volunteer . Ms. Lakshmi Negi (MA, BEd) is the Vice- Principal of Sanskar Kendra School, Sorkha.

How IFG Supports the school?

Sorkha is a village in Noida that suffers due to erratic power supply, because of which providing computer education became a strenuous task. Since, IFG believes that computer literacy is a must for the children and youth of this country, we decided to donate an inverter (power backup), which supplies electricity to 8 rooms and a Computer Lab (10-12 computers), within the school.

Also, we are currently evaluating all three Sanskar Kendra Schools to find their key requirements and ways in which we can support them.