The Background

It has been more than a decade since the IT revolution in India and we boast of the highest number of IT engineering colleges in the world. However, there are still thousands of Indians who remain deprived of even the very basic IT education. One of the main reasons for this situation is poor infrastructure and lack of support in educational institutions catering to this socio-economic class of our society. Proper IT education is essential to survive in the modern world of internet, social media, and smartphones.

Project LAB emphasizes on providing necessary infrastructural, monetary support, and expert guidance to the educational institutes catering to the underprivileged students. Project LAB also supports Project EDU, whereby we provide necessary support to the partner schools in improving their IT training and learning experience. 

The Approach

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Within the Great Noida Region, IFG locates new potential computer centers that can drive maximum impact. Our scouts measure a variety of factors to determine optimal lab location - including proximity to major transit, existing real estate to support IT, ample physical space, potential for student & adult classes, along with a variety of other factors to set up computer centers with maximum impact.

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Our approach is to find spaces that are most finished, which require few renovations if any. We then do a proper assessment of bandwidth and technology capability and start on a 30 roadmap that installs the necessary internet connections, procure and configure workstations, and built a technology succession plan for the next 36 months of the center's hardware and software needs.


Depending on the location of the computer centers, we plan out computer classes that operate on regularly defined schedules. Classes designed for adolescents often take place during the school day to supplement students' existing curriculum. Classes built for adults are slightly longer, and avoid workday hours as much as possible to ensure that adults with jobs are still able to take classes to gain necessary computer skills for future vertical mobility.


Our instructors are a combination of volunteers and paid teachers who have strong technology backgrounds and extensive educational experience. They've typically worked teaching either children or adults, and have built curricula in the past. These instructors also require very little administrative oversight, allowing the Project LAB team to focus less on administration and far more on find, developing, and launching new centers.


With multiple classes being conducted throughout the week, instructors provide students with clear curricula to follow. Skills such a Microsoft Office knowledge, QWERTY-based typing, internet research techniques are taught systematically to groups of adults or children within the classes. Classes are graded and eventually give students a chance to further take more computer courses, or receive job and career guidance based on their skills accrued.

Our Labs

1. Computer Lab at S. D. Bal Vidya Mandir School


IFG has setup its first Project Lab at S. D. Bal Vidya Mandir School. So far, we have supplied the following facilities to this lab:

  • Donated Computers
  • Bought inverter for power backup
  • Paid for the electrical work to ensure individual power supply for each computer
  • Paid for the servicing of old computers at the lab
  • Paid for installation of necessary software
  • Bought furniture
  • Bought teaching material
  • Hired a computer teacher for the school kids


2. Computer Lab at Rasta Girls School


IFG has setup its second Project Lab at Rasta Girls School. So far, we have supplied the following facilities to this lab:

  • Donated computers
  • Bought Inverter for power backup
  • Bought teaching material 


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