Volunteering in general can bring about a positive change in your life and in the lives of people around you. The more you put into this experience, the more you will get from it, that’s just how it works. It’s a great way to move out of your comfort zone and try things you have never done before. Most IFG volunteers state that, volunteering has been quite rewarding & they have been able to gain valuable life lessons from their experiences.

After one of the volunteering events held at S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School, a member of our core volunteering team stated: 
“For me it was a wonderful experience, it reminded me of my school days. Thanks to this event, I was also able to discover a more positive side of me.”

Volunteers are the building blocks of IFG and we are extremely thankful to each and every one of them. They take out the time and actively participate in our events, what more could we ask for? Well, we do need a little help!

Come, Volunteer for IFG.

How Can You Volunteer? 

It really is pretty simple. All you need to do is, devote your valuable time! 

Here is a list of activities you could participate in, to support IFG initiatives:

Project EDU: 
•    Volunteer for IFG’s school events.

•    Accompany school kids to local picnics and trips.

•    Hold fundraising and charity events for our partner schools.

•    Mentor students on IT education.

•    Develop content for computer classes.

Project Lab:
•    Help us in setting up computer labs.

•    Support for hardware and software maintenance at labs.

•    Conduct computer classes.

•    Develop computer class course and content.

•    Assistance with, audit and evaluation at our computer centers.

 Project Green:
•    Help us connect with schools and educational institutions that are interested in collaborating with us.

•    Assistance with software installation.

•    Assistance with administrative tasks of the project.

IFG Giving

When we started off the initiative of IFG back in June, 2014; we weren’t expecting to get such an overwhelming response. However, our volunteers have brought life to this initiative. A member of our core volunteering team stated; some employees want to volunteer but really don’t have to time to do so, is there any other way to contribute towards the cause?

That’s when we introduced the concept of IFG giving (Nov 2014), which allows our employees to donate a part of their salary toward IFG beneficiaries, at present: Rasta Girls’ School and S.D. Bal Vidya Mandir School. The money contributed by our employees is utilized for teacher’s salary, scholarship etc. which are mutually agreed upon by schools and IFG.  Every rupee donated directly benefits the kids; all other administrative/operational costs are picked up by IFG.

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